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Our public equity capabilities

Since 1997, we have used our knowledge of the various commercial real estate security property sectors and regions to exploit market inefficiencies and generate alpha for our clients. We boast a very stable portfolio management team that has historically generated outperformance across market cycles.

Our real estate securities team, based in the U.S., Europe, and Asia, uses fundamental research to analyze and invest in securities issued by real estate-related companies. Combine that with the insights from our in-house private real estate professionals and equity analysts, and the result is a higher conviction in a company’s performance potential—an important ingredient to help clients achieve the outcomes they want.

  • U.S. real estate securities

  • Global real estate securities

  • Global real estate securities income preference

  • Global structural opportunities real estate securities

  • Custom real estate securities strategies

Our listed infrastructure strategy was founded in 2019 as a new capability within our public equity quadrant.
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Explore our featured public equity real estate strategies.

Our 360° view of global real estate gives us the insight needed to help you identify strategies that can offer compelling performance.
U.S. Real Estate Securities
Applying bottom-up stock selection, emphasizing owning quality companies at a reasonable price, and diversifying sources of alpha generation.
Global Real Estate Securities
Offers exposure to the global real estate market, applying bottom-up stock selection, emphasizing owning quality companies at a reasonable price, and diversifying sources of alpha generation.
Global Listed Infrastructure
Investing in high quality infrastructure businesses whose contributions to sustainable development are not reflected in market valuations.

2024 REIT Outlook

We expect outperformance from REITs in 2024. Hear our reasons why from Todd Kellenberger, CFA, Client Portfolio Manager.

A broad range of real estate investment solutions.

Our experienced investment teams provide comprehensive, specialized, and sustainable capabilities across all four quadrants of commercial real estate—public equity, private equity, public debt, and private debt—as well as infrastructure investing. Whatever real estate strategy or combination of strategies you believe is right for your objectives, we can help.

  • Private equity

    Core, Value-add, and Opportunistic Strategies

  • Private debt

    Commercial Mortgages and High Yield Debt

  • Public equity

    Listed REIT Securities

  • Public debt

    Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities

  • Listed infrastructure

    Listed Infrastructure Securities

  • Financing solutions

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Past performance does not guarantee future results.

Investing involves risk, including possible loss of principal.

Real estate investment options are subject to some risks inherent in real estate and real estate investment trusts (REITs), such as risks associated with general and local economic conditions. Investing in REITs involves special risks, including interest rate fluctuation, credit risks, and liquidity risks, including interest conditions on real estate values and occupancy rates.

Principal Real Estate is a trade name of Principal Real Estate Investors, LLC, an affiliate of Principal Global Investors.