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Inside Real Estate Strategy Outlook 2023

Key themes and strategies for commercial real estate investors to consider in the continuing turbulent environment.

Global Asset Allocation Viewpoints

Our quarterly investment outlook highlights the themes and investment implications for the period ahead.

Global Asset Allocation Viewpoints
1Q 2023

Half agony, half hope

Major central banks have now decelerated their tightening, but this isn’t a precursor to a less hawkish stance. The stubborn inflation story means that policy rates are rising further and will not be cut, even as recession takes hold. Against this backdrop, broad equities will likely remain challenged.

Quick takes on capital markets

Short, timely takes on top-of-mind topics for investors.
2 min

Equity valuations: A case for global diversification

After a tumultuous 2022 for global equity markets, many regions are now offering more attractive valuations.

Macro views
2 min

Housing affordability: Another headwind to the U.S. economy

With the Federal Reserve remaining focused on inflation, a quick housing recovery is unlikely—yet another headwind for the U.S. economy in 2023.

Fixed income
2 min

Agency MBS: A spread product of choice

In today’s risk-off environment, high-quality, government-guaranteed, U.S. Agency mortgage-backed securities are making a strong case for investors looking to reduce credit risk in portfolios.

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Macro views

January jobs report: Weakness? What weakness?

January’s jobs report blew all the forecasts out of the water, with a monstrous 517,000 new jobs added in the first month of 2023.

Seema Shah
Chief Global Strategist
Macro views
3 min

February ECB meeting: A reinforced commitment to price stability

The European Central Bank (ECB) again raised its three key policy rates by 50 basis points (bps), but also surprised markets by stating its intention to raise another 50 bps in March

Garrett Roche, CFA, FRM
Global Strategist
Macro views
3 min

February FOMC meeting: The finish line is in sight

The Federal Reserve stepped down their pace of rate hikes to a more familiar 25 basis points, taking the benchmark rate up to 4.5%- 4.75%.

Seema Shah
Chief Global Strategist
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