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Strategy differentiators

  • Pursues an “enhanced” or “core plus” investment strategy.

  • Research-driven diversification of markets and sectors.

  • Primarily composed of stabilized, income producing assets, along with the ability to invest in value-add and development projects that can potentially generate higher risk-adjusted returns.

  • Emphasis on sustainable or “green” properties that can potentially help reduce expenses and increase efficiency for tenants and buyers.

  • Utilizes moderate levels of leverage to enhance fund returns and portfolio diversification.

Portfolio management

Principal Real Estate

Our experienced investment teams provide comprehensive, specialized, and sustainable capabilities across all four quadrants of commercial real estate—public equity, private equity, public debt, and private debt—and more recently, infrastructure investing. Whatever real estate strategy or combination of strategies you believe is right for your objectives, we can help.

PM Title
Managing Director, Portfolio Management
Todd White
28 years of experience
PM Title
Portfolio Manager
Mark Scholz
32 years of experience
PM Title
Associate Portfolio Manager
Brent Heemskerk
10 years of experience
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2 min

Commercial real estate: Outpacing inflation

Private equity commercial real estate has been more resilient to broad market disarray.

Real estate
7 min

The future of non-traditional property types

REITs have spearheaded the growth of real estate investors into non-traditional property types. The U.S. institutional private real estate market is also rapidly expanding into these property types and we anticipate a material allocation to non-traditional properties in the future.

Indraneel Karlekar, Ph.D.
Senior Managing Director, Global Head of Research & Portfolio Strategies

Past performance does not guarantee future results.

Real estate investment options are subject to risks associated with credit, liquidity, interest rate fluctuation, adverse general and local economic conditions, and decreases in real estate values and occupancy rates.

Principal Real Estate is a trade name of Principal Real Estate Investors, LLC, an affiliate of Principal Global Investors.