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Our investment approach

Principal Equities specializes in the management of global equities. With experienced resources around the world, we combine global insights with local knowledge to deliver a wide range of specialized equity investment solutions spanning all regions and market caps.

We focus on investing in businesses becoming better.

Graphic illustrating Principal equities investment approach

Explore our featured equity strategies.

To help you effectively balance risk and return, we make available equity strategies that have historically delivered attractive returns.
Diversified International Equity
Investing primarily in the shares of businesses domiciled in developed (ex-U.S.) and emerging market countries that we believe are becoming better as a result of positive change.
European Equity
Investing primarily in the shares of European-domiciled businesses that we believe are becoming better as a result of positive change.
U.S. Small Cap Equity
Investing in small-cap businesses domiciled in the United States that we believe are becoming better as a result of positive change.

Sustainable investing approach

When it comes to sustainable investing, we empower investors by offering choice, confidence, and flexibility.

We focus on investing in businesses that are becoming better and sustainable investing is a vital dimension in identifying positive change. We share views and preferences on sustainable investing priorities using a consultative approach, rather than demanding specific actions.

  • Our proprietary ESG ratings framework incorporates both risk considerations and change catalysts associated with sustainability-related issues.

  • ESG ratings, analytics, and proxy voting interfaces are directly integrated within our proprietary research dashboard.

  • Every sector team has developed sector-tailored engagement priorities framework, recognizing differences in materiality, risk considerations, key improvement, and sustainability drivers.

Get to know our equity investment teams.

Our distinct and highly experienced equity investment teams are committed to delivering consistent investment results.
Principal Aligned

Long-term, bottom-up fundamental investors managing U.S. large-cap and mid-cap equity portfolios with a specific preference for high-quality businesses run by owner-operators.

Principal Dynamic Growth

Specializes in the management of small-, SMID-, and mid-cap U.S. growth equities using a bottom-up, growth-oriented approach to find good companies that are getting stronger and exceeding investor expectations.

Principal Edge

Committed to fundamental analysis and the belief that quality companies make good stocks with the patience and confidence to invest in SMID-, mid-, and large-cap U.S. equities over the long term.

Principal Origin

Uses a systematic, evidence-based approach to build global equity portfolios focused on companies that exhibit a balance of positive capital management, undervaluation, earnings revisions, and share price trend.

Get the latest insights.

Past performance does not guarantee future results.

Equity markets are subject to many factors, including economic conditions, government regulations, market sentiment, local and international political events, and environmental and technological issues that may impact return and volatility. Small-cap stocks may have additional risks including greater price volatility.

ESG integration is considered across all actively managed asset classes, with the approach determined by each investment group’s process. This information is specific to the strategies managed by the individuals providing this content and various investment teams across Principal may have differing views of this approach.

Principal Equities is an investment team within Principal Global Investors.