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Our private equity capabilities

Our platforms in the U.S. and Europe provide a range of investment capabilities from traditional core strategies to opportunistic property development and redevelopment.
  • We are experienced in all areas of the private equity real estate market, including acquisitions, dispositions, asset management, and development.

  • We source and close a significant number of investments with strategies tailored to each client mandate. Our investors are comprised of a diverse array of defined benefit plans, defined contribution plans, high net worth and foreign clients.

  • Leasing is a key strength and we have executed more than 29,000 leases across over 500 million square feet since 2001.

  • In Europe, our specialist sector capabilities include teams focused on hotels and care homes.

  • Our integrated investment process is driven by proprietary research and modeling of both the real estate market and the overall economy, demographics, local sub-markets, and property level considerations.

Explore our featured private equity real estate strategies.

Our 360° view of global real estate gives us the insight needed to help you identify strategies that can offer compelling performance.
Data Centers
Diversify your portfolio and enhance potential for risk-adjusted returns by accessing an exciting sector experiencing unprecedented growth as a result of digital transformation and global demand for data.
U.S. Core Private Equity Real Estate
Deploying a research-based allocation framework with in-depth coverage of more than 40 U.S. metropolitan real estate markets to invest in a diversified pool of high-quality, well-leased U.S. commercial real estate properties, including a long-standing allocation to alternative growing pool of niche property sectors.
U.S. Core-Plus Private Equity Real Estate
Combining the income-generating attributes of stabilized assets with higher, risk-adjusted returns available from value-added and development opportunities.
U.S. Real Estate Green Property
Leveraging the firm’s long-standing commitment to sustainability as a means of potentially enhancing returns and reducing risk, exploiting changing real estate trends, focusing on development and value-add acquisition of multifamily, industrial, and specialty sector properties.
European Hotels
Targeting areas of distress in the European hotel sector to unlock and create value.

A broad range of real estate investment solutions.

Our experienced investment teams provide comprehensive, specialized, and sustainable capabilities across all four quadrants of commercial real estate—public equity, private equity, public debt, and private debt—as well as infrastructure investing. Whatever real estate strategy or combination of strategies you believe is right for your objectives, we can help.

  • Private equity

    Core, Value-add, and Opportunistic Strategies

  • Private debt

    Commercial Mortgages and High Yield Debt

  • Public equity

    Listed REIT Securities

  • Public debt

    Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities

  • Listed infrastructure

    Listed Infrastructure Securities

  • Financing solutions

    Private Debt Origination

Get the latest insights.

Past performance does not guarantee future results.

Real estate investment options are subject to risks associated with credit, liquidity, interest rate fluctuation, adverse general and local economic conditions, and decreases in real estate values and occupancy rates.

Principal Real Estate is a trade name of Principal Real Estate Investors, LLC, an affiliate of Principal Global Investors.