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Fund distributions

The manager may decide to make distribution among holders of income units and income plus units in each fund. Depending on unit type distributions will be made from (i) net income ; and/or (ii) realised gains net of realised and unrealised losses; and/or (iii) capital. 

If distributions are intended, they will be declared on distribution date which will be monthly, quarterly or annually depending on unit type.

Dealing procedures

Subscription and redemption requests for fund units must be received in Dublin for requests to be processed on a particular dealing day. The dealing deadline is 10:00 am (Dublin time) on that dealing day. The dealing deadline for requests from Hong Kong investors is 5:00 pm (Hong Kong time) on that dealing day.

All dealing requests should be addressed to:
BNY Mellon Fund Services (Ireland) Limited
One Dockland Central Guild Street, International Financial Services Centre
Dublin 1, Ireland

Tel: +353-1-900-8081
Fax: +44-207-964-2667

Tax information - United Kingdom

Certain share classes within the UCITS Fund range have elected to be “Reporting Funds” for UK tax purposes. If you invest in one of these share classes, you will need to review the yearly information posted here and include the relevant details on your UK tax return.

The reportable income calculation includes the dates and amounts per share of all distributions paid during the fund’s accounting period. To the extent that the fund's reportable income exceeds the amount distributed, there will be an additional deemed distribution of income (called "Excess Reportable Income"). The date this income is deemed to have been received by the investor is called the "Date of Distribution" and is always six months after the fund's accounting year end.

Past performance does not guarantee future results.