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Strategy differentiators

  • Opportunistically seeks to take advantage of market mispricings by investing in a diverse and unconstrained set of fixed income sectors, including investment grade credit, high yield bonds and loans, securitized debt, and emerging market debt, allowing us to reposition the portfolio quickly and strategically based on the risk environment.

  • Active management allows for a more aggressive approach to adding value through high-conviction portfolios, driven total return opportunities, and opportunistic asset allocation.

  • Team’s expertise and deep-rooted fundamental credit research across fixed income sectors offers a multi-dimensional approach to credit investing.

Strategy facts

  • Asset class

    Fixed Income

  • Manager

    Principal Fixed Income

  • Launch date

    31 May 2004



  • Benchmark

    Bloomberg Global Aggregate Corporate Index (hedged to AUD)

Portfolio management

Principal Fixed Income

A global platform of integrated and specialized teams focused on delivering innovative, actively managed total return and yield-oriented investment solutions through capabilities that span all major fixed income sectors.

PM Title
Portfolio Manager, Global Head of Trading
Darryl Trunnel
33 years of experience
PM Title
Portfolio Manager
William Armstrong
35 years of experience
PM Title
Portfolio Manager
Tina Paris
21 years of experience
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