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Contact us—Support policy

In the event that resources within your property management company are not able to resolve an issue, utilize the Yardi Property Record -> Contacts tab. This will show the Principal Real Estate Investors (Principal) contacts that can assist with specific property related questions or issues.

For other questions, please utilize the troubleshooting information in the links below. If you are unable to find a resolution on your own and need further assistance, please complete the Contact Us - Support Request Form

  • To complete the form, read through all the options and check the appropriate box specific to your request. Add additional information in the Comment section to describe your question or issue and click Submit. A single PDF attachment can also be added.
  • Based on the selection made on the form, your request will be routed to the correct support area.
  • An employee of Principal will respond as soon as possible during normal business hours, Monday through Friday, 8 am to 4 pm CST.

Note: Please do not use the "Contact Us" links in either the header or footer of the Property Management Resource Tool, as this goes directly to the Principal Financial Group’s corporate help desk and will delay a response to you.

Property management contact responsibilities

Each property management company will need to assign a representative that will be the point of contact for any Yardi and PMRT access with Principal. This individual will be responsible for:

  • Approving any users that need to be granted access to Yardi.
  • Submitting the User Request form to add, update or delete user access.
  • Complying with any audit requests of Principal as it relates to security and active users.
  • Ensure annual system user fees are processed timely.
  • Ensure user id and passwords are not shared amongst their employees.

Software policy

The property management company shall use owner-selected property management and general ledger software in a centralized database environment, and will make best efforts to obtain any and all needed training and knowledge necessary to use that software accurately and efficiently by the time access to the software is made available to the property management company. The property management company will be charged an allocation of the related user fee. These user fees are a direct expense to and are to be paid directly by the property management company. These user fees shall be charged back to the properties as per an allocation provided by Principal. The property management company shall be reimbursed in full for said charges. Property leases should be reviewed and these expenses charged back to tenants if allowed pursuant to the terms of the applicable leases.

Yardi access

Yardi is the property management and general ledger system for Principal. The link to Yardi is located on the right hand navigation under Tools & Applications. Log in credentials will be provided to those users that have been approved by their property management Yardi contact and have submitted a User Request Form and signed Statement of Understanding. The information in the system is considered proprietary information of Owner.

For access to Yardi and the Property Management Resource Tool (PMRT), please complete this form: Yardi User Access Workflow

Please note: all Yardi users are automatically granted access to the PMRT and OnBase.

This access request form is a workflow which should be filled out and submitted online. In addition to this form, a Confidentiality Agreement (aka Statement of Understanding) should be read, signed and attached to the User Request Form.

Please note the following:

  • A property management company shall not cause or allow access to Yardi to anyone other than authorized employees.
  • Yardi access shall require a unique username and corresponding password per individual user which cannot be shared with other users.
  • A property management company shall ensure that its employees do not disclose any username or password to any third parties or use them for any unauthorized purpose.
  • Failure of a property management company to monitor and maintain access shall constitute a default of Property Management Company's obligations and shall be grounds for termination for Cause as defined in the Management Agreement.
  • The property management company is responsible for safeguarding any username and password assigned to its employees by Owner, for all conduct associated with each such username and password, and any improper use of the information.
  • The property management company shall promptly inform Owner of the loss, theft, or unauthorized disclosure or use of any username and password. The property management company shall be liable for any unauthorized use of the information or unauthorized access to Yardi.
  • The property management company's access to Yardi shall be removed when all disposition activity has been completed. Access is typically retained until all Properties within a Project have been disposed.

Yardi password reset information and security setup

Password Security: The first time you log on to Yardi, you will be required to set up a security profile. Please follow the instructions on the log on page to create your two-factor authentication. Two-factor authentication helps keep your account safe and allows you to reset your password.

Password Maintenance: Passwords expire every 60 days. If you forget your username or password or, if your password has expired, utilize the "forgot username" or "forgot password" functionality on the Yardi log on page. Just click on the appropriate link and follow the instructions.

If you are unable to resolve your password issue via the above method, please call the Principal Corporate Help Desk at the number below and follow the steps.

  • Call 1-800-426-7488 (Principal Financial Group Corporate Help Desk).
  • Select the Option to report a new issue.
  • Say your 7 character User ID (User ID used to log into Yardi).
  • Select the option for all other issues.
  • A Help Desk support technician will answer the call and ask you for your principal social. security number and department number.
  • Tell them you are having an issue with your production Active Directory account.
  • Ask them to check for WEB locks on your account and have a new Active Directory password issued. This will be a temporary password. While you are still on the phone, verify you can log on with this password.

Property Management Resource Tool (PMRT) access

The Property Management Resource Tool is a web site that contains information critical to the management, operation and leasing of assets owned or managed by Principal. There is no user set up fee involved with PMRT access. Please note: For users with Yardi access, PMRT access is granted automatically and no additional forms need to be submitted.

If a user needs access to the PMRT, complete this form:

Property Management Resource Tool User Request Form

Please note: This is an electronic form which should be filled out and submitted online.

Property Management Resource Tool (PMRT) password reset information

Yardi and PMRT users - for those users with Yardi access, you will use the same user id and password to access the PMRT. Every 60 days, when you update your Yardi password, it will automatically synchronize with the PMRT.

Upon your initial login to the PMRT, you will be taken to a page to set up your 4 security questions and provide answers to each. Even though you have to set up these questions and answers, do not use these to unlock your PMRT account as your PMRT account has been synchronized with your Yardi Active Directory account.

If you lock your PMRT account, you will need to follow the Yardi password reset instruction to obtain a new temporary password.

PMRT users only - Your PMRT password will be non-expiring. After your access has been set up, you will be provided a temporary password along with a user id. Upon your initial login, you will need to change this temporary password, as well as set up your 4 security questions and provide answers to each. Setting up these questions and answers will allow you to reset your password online in the future.

If you forget your password, you can create a new password by following the prompts from the Password link located underneath the log in. You will need to input your user id first and then click on the Password link. This will take you to a Password Reset Utility where you can create a new password.

Questions regarding accounts payable, commercial management, or general ledger

If you have questions specific to accounts payable, commercial management, or general ledger, there are several manuals available on the secured Property Management Resource Tool (PMRT). Access to this site will require that you have previously requested access to the site as a username and password are required. 

Once you have logged into the PMRT, click on the Manuals and User Guides link under the Quick Links section on the left navigation. An alphabetical list of the manuals available will be displayed.