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Principal Aligned

Long-term, bottom-up fundamental investors managing U.S. large-cap and mid-cap equity portfolios with a specific preference for high-quality businesses run by owner-operators.

Principal Dynamic Growth

Specializes in the management of small, SMID, and mid U.S. growth equities and uses a bottom-up, growth-oriented approach to find good companies that are getting stronger and exceeding investor expectations.

Principal Edge

Committed to fundamental analysis and the belief that quality companies make good stocks with the patience and confidence to invest in SMID, mid, and large-cap U.S. equities over the long term.

Principal Equities

With experienced resources around the world, combining global insights with local knowledge to deliver a wide range of specialized equity investment solutions spanning all regions and market caps.

Principal Origin

Uses a systematic, evidence-based approach to build global equity portfolios focused on companies that exhibit a balance of positive capital management, undervaluation, earnings revisions, and share price trend.

Fixed income

Principal Alternative Credit

A seasoned investment team with significant credit investment experience across all major industries and market cycles, focused on providing our global investment base access to private credit solutions.

Principal Finisterre

As a specialist emerging market debt manager committed to delivering solutions that can perform in any market condition, we utilize an unconstrained, time-tested approach to managing income, volatility, and liquidity.

Principal Fixed Income

A global platform of integrated and specialized teams focused on delivering innovative, actively managed total return and yield-oriented investment solutions through capabilities that span all major fixed income sectors.

Principal Morley

Specializes in managing capital preservation strategies and designing customized stable value solutions through a risk-managed, multi-stage construction approach, incorporating a proprietary optimization model.

Post Advisory Group

A value-oriented active manager that specializes in managing high yield bonds, leveraged loans, collateralized loan obligations, and structured credit products, finding high-quality businesses through rigorous bottom-up fundamental credit research with a top-down macro and technical overlay.

Spectrum Asset Management

Extensive experience managing global preferred and capital securities with a robust fundamental credit research approach, including both top-down and bottom-up analyses that lead to selective and thoughtful portfolio construction.

Real estate

Principal Real Estate

Providing comprehensive, specialized, and sustainable capabilities across all four quadrants of commercial real estate—public equity, private equity, public debt, and private debt—and more recently, infrastructure investing.

Asset allocation

Principal Asset Allocation

Asset allocation views, grounded in industry insights inform our portfolio construction process. We seek to deliver competitive performance, tailored to your desired outcomes for risk, return, and income potential.

Principal Claritas

A stable and experienced team with offerings spanning multiple asset classes, combining macro top-down with fundamental bottom-up analysis, seeking stable and significant alpha generation.

Past performance does not guarantee future results.